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Welcome to the Atlantic Award Group (AAG), the only award group of its kind. An awards project that celebrates and recognizes the extraordinary from across the globe. Our goal is simple; to offer thanks to extraordinary individuals and groups for the incredible things they do, whatever that may be. Our awards have no boundaries and are simply down to the interpretation of the individual; in everyone’s life there is someone who is incredible, and only they know the reasons why. — so nominate them for an award and give them a memory and a memento to treasure for a lifetime.

Our awards began in Somerset, England as an event to recognize extraordinary people in the county. After several successful years, the project’s founder moved to the east coast of Canada and launched the awards sister project in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A few years after this successful launch, numerous other projects were started in various provinces. In 2013 it was decided that to effectively and financially continue to offer thanks to extraordinary people with the same level of care and attention as had been previously done, that one brand would be used, and that was the Atlantic Award Group.

In 2015 after successfully merging 4 active award projects, the AAG opened up nominations on a global scale via the Global Award Initiative offering no guidelines on who to nominate, but simply asking “Who or what is extraordinary to you?”. Now boasting almost 100 award presentations in three different countries, the AAG is excited to see what the future holds.

The AAG is led by Alex Maine. Originally from the United Kingdom, Alex has spent many years working closely with the volunteers, advisory boards and our recipients to create heartfelt moments. His outstanding efforts has led him to receive honours from multiple city and provincial officials.

While nominations are accepted globally as part of our GAI, we do have areas that we focus on such as the Atlantic region and areas of key interest. The Atlantic Award Group will not overlook an award if it is out of focus area, but our resources may be limited.

If you are interested in joining the Atlantic Award Group and bringing our awards to your city, state or country, please read this – It takes extraordinary people to help us seek out the extraordinary!



We rely heavily on the support of our wonderful partners to make our awards work. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our projects, or a specific award, please get in touch. Individual award sponsorship starts as low as $249.

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