The Atlantic Award Group was setup to recognize the extraordinary. To do this effectively we have multiple focus areas and multiple projects that cover the core of our work. Our awards are split into several key areas; Global, Regional & Industry, We also support other projects and those can be found below. 


GLOBAL AWARD INITIATIVE (GAI) was launched in 2015 welcoming nominations from across the world. We recognized that there was a need to award extraordinary people outside of our current project catchment areas. In the Autumn of 2015, the AAG introduced a ‘Ratio Fee’ to all corporate sponsors of our award projects to allow the initiative to receive the annual funding it required to recognize people all over the globe. Eventually, we hope these individual awards will lead to establishing new projects in new regions.


CANADA: Presented by Investors Group – In 2009, we brought our awards to the east coast of Canada after several years of successful awards in the south west of England. We launched the Haliwards; a project recognizing extraordinary people in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Those awards grew rapidly and not before long we had established awards in the neighboring provinces. Now after 6 years in Canada we have combined our awards on the east coast and finally introduced awards in Newfoundland & Labrador. Awards presented in various regions are still refereed to by their legacy names to commemorate where the awards began. A Haliward in Nova Scotia, a Brunward in New Brunswick and a Isleaward in Prince Edward Island. Awards presented out of NB, PE, NS & NL are covered under the GAI.

UNITED KINGDOM: The UK is the birthplace of our awards. In 2006 as part of an organisation called the National Variety Performance, a project called the Somerset County Awards were produced which later became known as the Pride of Central Somerset and the Central Somerset Awards (CSA). The project ended in 2013 to favor a national platform and awards presented in the UK are now simply referred to as an ‘Atlantic Award’.

UNITED STATES: After successfully presenting four awards in the US in 2015, the AAG is launching it’s first state based award in 2017. Further details will be available in the near future. Sponsors within the United States of America are encouraged to get in touch with us to discuss opportunities.


After successfully presenting awards to extraordinary people all over the western world, the Atlantic Award Group saw an opportunity to bring their extensive experience in awards to to the private sector. Continuing with our vision of presenting awards without boundaries, we are introducing topical awards with zero categories allowing us to present awards to those who deserve it without being limited by the modern day restrictive criteria used by other organizations. These will be referred to as the Atlantic Industry Awards (AIA) Further industry awards will be announced in 2017.

GAMING: After successfully promoting the extraordinary people of the world, the AAG turned its attention to specific industries. In early 2016 AIA:Gaming was launched. The awards recognize the most finely tuned games of the year along with the companies and people that work to create them. These awards are selected by a panel of 25 professionals in the industry who have offered their time to the AAG. We welcome the public to place nominations for people within the industry as they do with our regional and global projects.