We are pleased to announce that we have selected the recipients of the 2014 Isleawards for Prince Edward Island. Due to the Atlantic Award Groups commitment to the Lighthouse 2014 project in Summerside we have chosen to select only 2 recipients this year and those awards will be presented at the Lighthouse 2014 Reveal Night on Saturday, June 14th.

The first award is being presented to Mark Enman for his creativity and compassion in raising awareness for his parents through the Christmas card scheme. The second is being presented to Michael Pendergast a lifetime performer and entertainer to islanders and tourists alike.

Update: 12/06 – Due to the strong opinions and criticism we have received in regards to our plans to present an award to the PEI Reproductive Rights Organisation, we have decided to postpone this award and review it further. We thank everyone for their input and we will update you when we have further information to share.

Update 18/06 – After much consideration, we have decided to continue on our course and present our plaque to the PRRO. The Atlantic Award Group would like to thank the hundreds of individuals for their emails and calls sharing their opinions on both sides of the debate. The AAG is not a pro-abortion group. We believe a group offering women a choice is a step forward for this province. We do believe that women should be educated in detail before making such a decision. The AAG will look to further the education & awareness for woman on the Island following this presentation. We’ll be researching how we can do this in due course and welcome all groups to share their comments on how best we can do this.

The AAG would ask that the groups that are using this award as an excuse to make a direct attack against members of our staff cease immediately. We will not engage. You are only further damaging your argument by using these tactics. The AAG uses a democratic method when selecting its award winners and the direct attack upon one individual will be classed as intimidation and/or bullying. Again, we thank all islanders for their input and ask that they respect our decision as we respect your opinions.