Your nomination starts here…

Who can I nominate for an award?
Simply, Anyone or anything. You can nominate individuals, groups, organisations and businesses. It doesn’t even have to be a person. Let your imagination run wild. As long as it’s extraordinary to you, then the nomination is welcome. We are currently accepting nominations worldwide but resources vary by location.

Who may make a nomination?
Absolutely anyone can make a nomination. You can make it on behalf of yourself, your organisation or your company. Just make sure you have their expressed permission.

How do I make a nomination?
Making a nomination is extremely simple. Click the button at the bottom of this page and fill out the online nomination form. Try to give as much information as you can to help us with our decision. If we feel we don’t have enough information to go on, we will contact you and request more information. Once you hit the submit button, we have it safe in our database.

Can I make an anonymous nomination?
Yes, but when you make a nomination we need to know your name in order to prevent self-nomination. If, however, you don’t wish the person to know that you nominated them, we will respectfully keep your identity a secret. These awards will indicate an anonymous nomination. Past experience has taught us that some people are reluctant to accept anonymous awards, so only keep it a secret if it’s absolutely necessary.

What happens with my nomination?
Once we receive your nomination, we begin by verifying its authenticity. If everything checks out, it’s passed to one of our boards. We have dozens of volunteers who spend hours researching the nominations we receive and it can take us months to decide on our recipients. We may contact you to request further information if we feel it is required.

Will you tell me if my nomination is successful?
Yes, if it’s successful we will notify you. Sadly due to the overwhelming numbers of nominations we receive we cannot contact those who were unsuccessful.

How will the awards be presented?
It depends on our schedule of events and the location of the recipient. We currently have active ceremonies across Atlantic Canada and the United Kingdom. We do however make every effort to make sure every presentation is just a special as the one before it. The recipient will either be invited to a public ceremony, a presentation evening or we may even turn up on their doorstep.

So are you ready? It takes about 3 minutes.

I’m ready to nominate!