The Atlantic Award Group is pleased to implement a number of changes and improvement.

For all future awards, we are introducing a new design. Imagery used may vary by location but the general design will remain the same for all of our award projects. By using the same base design for all of our awards, it allows us to streamline the design and production process and allows us to further expand our reach. We’re also pleased to continue the use of our tamper proof seal on all of our awards.

We can confirm that there will be an award ceremony in Atlantic Canada in 2015. The majority of these awards will be presented in private but recipients will be invited to attend the ceremony in Halifax in September . Further ceremonies may be introduced at a later date.

We are finally ready to expand our awards across the British Isles. Previously we have only held ceremonies in the county of Somerset but we are excited to be presenting awards across the British Isles for 2015. There are currently no public ceremonies scheduled for 2015. Awards will be announced online as and when they happen.

Taking the above changes into account and the previous changes we made to our areas of coverage in 2014, we are pleased to announce that our awards now cover over 2.5 million people in Canada and 68 million people in the UK.

Further changes will be made to the structure of our group in the weeks to come which will continue to help us reach more people and further aid us in finding the extraordinary.

The Atlantic Award Group would like to take this opportunity to wish you an extraordinary new year.