We’ve made a lot of changes at the Atlantic Award Group in the past twelve months, but our latest change truly makes us an award without boundaries.

As of today we are accepting nominations on a global scale. Previous to this we were accepting nominations for people in the UK and Canada but to truly be called an award with no limits, we had to go global.

In light of the changes we’re introducing a coverage map to better explain our activities. The first and foremost is our focus region. This is currently made up of Canada and the United Kingdom. Our “Focus” is where we have the majority of our resources which means you can expect our largest events to be held here.

Secondly we have our “Regions of Interest” which includes Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan & the United States of America. These are areas in which we hope to make a footprint in within the next 12-18 months. -and finally we have the rest of the world where we currently only accept nominations but have no planned activities or projects¬†at this time.

All nominations will be treated fairly and equally. If a nomination falls out of our focus area, it does not mean it is less likely to be selected. It just means that we have less resources/people available so there may not be an event in that region, just a private presentation. Our goal remains the same, to award the extraordinary.

Our nomination form is currently available in English only but we hope to offer more languages in the future.

If you’re interesting in volunteering with the Atlantic Award Group, you can learn more about our recruitment process here: http://atlanticaward.com/apply